Intelligent mobile call recording and workforce monitoring software

Workforce Monitoring

  • Incoming and outgoing communication on mobile phones (voice, text messages or even photos) can be viewed and monitored
  • Communication can be subsequently retrieved, viewed, or played back
  • The geographic position of cellular devices and phone activity can be monitored, reviewed, and searched.

Workforce Management

  • Tasks can be assigned quickly and easily on the mobile phone
  • Assigned tasks can later be checked and reviewed, even automatically
  • Coworkers may set or modify the status of tasks. These are saved in the system instantly, while the performance of tasks can be resumed without any delay

The Benefits of Synaptel

No data loss

Information recording is not affected by temporary server or network outages (roaming).


The use of the system causes no disadvantage whatsoever. It does not disturb any activity on the mobile phone.


The recorded user activities are accompanied by time, date, and location stamps and cannot be modified.


Synaptel can be easily integrated into the existing management information, telecommunications, and compliance systems.


Synaptel is scalable. Access rights can be tailored to the needs of clients.

Price Advantage

Synaptel can be installed and used easily, even for a few thousand HUFs per month.

Data Protection

Synaptel offers several efficient options to protect and manage the private calls and personal contents of users.

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